Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Mint, Please

Dress, Blazer & Belt-H&M
Flats-Steve Madden

Has this scenario ever happened to any of you?
The weather is okay as you look out the window a few minutes before leaving to take blog photos and then right as you are walking out the door, it starts raining cats and dogs!
Obviously, the rain stopped..... 5 hours later. The wind didn't.

Anyways, I still can't really get enough of this fabulous mint color. Especially paired with pink. It sort of reminds me of sherbet or cotton candy. Are there any colors you guys can't seem to get enough of lately?

Sooooo, I hope every one is having a wonderful weekend! Mine has been just great thus far! The hubs got a bonus at work and decided to treat us to Sushi and then bought me some pretties at Anthro & Free People. He sure knows how to treat his lady :) 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dream & Bliss: Part 2

Here are my last two looks from my recent collaboration with the local Seattle boutiques, Bliss and Dream

Look #3:
H&M Belt
Target black tank
Payless Sandals

So, I am sort of a little obsessed with this skirt. The two main reasons are the hi-lo hem and that it's an accordion skirt.... two things that I have been looking for in a skirt for awhile. It's a match made in clothing heaven in my book. Also, the color is sort of amazing too.
I paired it with the most perfect white linen blazer, ideal for layering in the summertime and something that I foresee being a wardrobe staple. So many easy, endless styling options.

Look #4:
Bar III Lace Shorts via Macys
Vintage Necklace
Target Belt
Steve Madden Flats

Out of all four looks, I felt most like myself in this one, probably because of how feminine, neutral toned and vintage inspired it is.
I love the cute little polka dots and tie detail of this sheer top, especially paired with some lace shorts.

Through this process I have learned something style-wise about myself that I wasn't conscious of or just never really considered before; I am not much of an accessorizer. I like to keep things simple, with just maybe a necklace, ring or belt and I don't tend to go over to top with any one item in particular. Accessorizing definetly has it's place, but I feel as though my main focus is always the outfit itself.

Have you recently found out anything about your personal style that you never really thought about before?

*Also, don't forget about this offer :)
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dream & Bliss: Part 1

Recently I was contacted with an offer to partner up with two local, Seattle based boutiques, Bliss and Dream. The two sister shops are conveniently located right across from each other in Fremont and are filled with on trend and affordable clothing and accessories. Not to mention, super sweet and fun staff, whom I got the pleasure of spending a few hours with this past Saturday afternoon.

It was honestly so hard to pick just a few looks, which explains why I walked out with 4 different outfits. 

Look #1:
Flats: Steve Madden

I have been really lovin' bright skinny jeans lately, so when I saw these, I instantly was drawn to them.
Also, I couldn't get enough of this bright floral top! I love how relaxed and chill this look is and totally different from most things in my closet, it was so much fun to switch it up a bit.

Look #2:

I was drawn to this bright blue, adorable Hi-Lo dress because of the great color, cute back cut-out detail and of course that simple fact that is is a Hi-Lo dress, which is all the rage right now.
I paired it with the fabulous big chunky ring, threw on a necklace and strappy sandals and called it good. Such an easy breezy early summer look.

*Be on the look out for Part 2, featuring my two other looks!
In the meantime, check out their website Finch & Sparrow and enter the discount code Lizzie12  to receive 15% off online orders.  This discount code is also valid for in-store purchases, so if you are in the area, I highly suggest checking these two wonderful boutiques out! Valid until 7/11/12!*


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Put A Bird On It...

Top-Apricot Lane
Cardigan-Don't old.
Earrings-Apricot Lane

So I am sort of obsessed with birds. My first tattoo I got over 6 years ago is of two birds and I have been called a "bird lady" one too many times, because of all the birdie things I have owned.
I am sure you can imagine my level of excited when I first spotted this top because well, the obvious, birds....but also because the super bright and pretty color, it is sheer, it's asymmetrical and it has a peter pan collar that is blue! Super winning combo in my book!

Enough about birds, how is everyones weekend going so far?!
Mine has been pretty low key, which is always nice!
The hubs and I finally purchased a new dresser today, which we have been in dire need of.
I am slowly taking up all the closet space...Oppps :) So we decided it would be best to get a nice, large dresser so Tim can just put all his clothes in there.
Can't wait to get it all set up tomorrow and have an organized closet/bedroom once again!

Have a lovely one!