Monday, September 27, 2010

House Plants, a Bird and a Hat.

My parents came and stayed with us for the weekend and good times occurred, as always. It is such a nice relief for  us to only be two hours apart, rather than 2,000+ miles, half way across the country and in a different time zone.

They came bearing lots of delicious muffins, house plants, a cute little ceramic bird decoration and a HUGE bag of Organic Basmati Rice (my all time fav.) for us. Also, they surprised me with the amazing Michael Kors peacoat I had been wanting :) 

Also, today I FINALLY picked up one of those trendy hats all the cool kids are wearing these days. I have actually been wanting one for some time now, but tend to not spend extra cash on accessories very often. This one was a perfect fit, a great color (blueish/gray), 100% wool and only $12. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Point of View

This being my first post, I thought this photograph I took today at Kerry Park in Queen Anne (Seattle) would be very fitting.

Considering this blog will largely consist of my "point of view", as well as other random postings. Not sure how often I will get to post on here, but when I do, I hope someone out there on the interwebs will enjoy enough to view it often.