Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sundress & Palm Trees


Upon spotting this dress while shopping for a few things before our recent trip to SoCal, I instantly new I needed it for a few reasons:

1. It is bright orange, floral print with a cute zipper detail and my wardrobe is lacking in the super colorful department.
2. It is short, summery and has spaghetti straps.
   But the main reason...
3. I could never get away with wearing anything like this in May in Seattle.
I loved how easy and breezy I felt style wise while in Cali, and could totally get used to it.

Oh and about those sandals.....
I bought those babies over 3 years ago and this was the first time I had worn them.
Cute with dress, but a horrible life choice overall.
They were definitely not made for walking the bazillion miles around Disneyland.
By the end of the day I would have given my future first born child for a pair of orthopedic moonshoes or a Hoveround wheelchair. 
I also felt horrible for making fun of all the ladies I saw in the morning that were wearing Nike's and finally understood their shoe picking ways.

Hope you all are having a great weekend :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Under the Cali Sun

I apologize for the massive photo overload, as it took me far too long to narrow it down to just these photos of our oh-so-fun anniversary trip to Disneyland.
These were my favorites from our little vacay :)

1. Sleeping Beauty Castle.

2. The most decadent, rich and delish chocolate dessert from our anniversary dinner.

3. Lovebirds at Paradise Pier.

4. From the boat inside of It's a Small World.

5. Pretty Palms. I <3 California.


7. Obligatory In-N-Out run.

8. World of Color. Best Disney show ever. Hands down.

9. The train; for when your feet are too sore to walk.

10. <3.Best friends.

11. It's a Small World from the outside.

12. Tinkerbell during a parade.

13. Photo fun.

14. Anniversary dinner mojito. mmmmmm.

15. Happy.

16. The hubs on a ride.

17. Toontown. Aka: The place with no rides for adults. Boo.

18. Anniversary dinner. SO good. Dungeness Crab Cakes with Saffron sauce(not photoed), Fillet Mignon, Bone-In Rib Eye, Asparagus with hollandaise, fancy and amazing Au Gratin Potatoes.

19. Magical Disney fireworks.

Hope everyone is having a great week thus far! Only two more days till the long Holiday weekend. Yay!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth

The hubs and I are currently celebrating our anniversary in Disneyland!!

Today marks our 8th year of being a couple and 5th year of marriage!
We got married on the day we started dating :)

I am so thankful to have such an amazing, smart, caring, hilarious, loving and all around best guy ever. He makes me a better person and I couldn't image living life without my best friend.

Photos of our fun little trip to come, of course.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wishful Wednesday

This Wednesday I only have one wish....this super adorable dress. From the color, to the feminine scalloped trim, I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on it! I am currently obsessed with the open back tulip detail and need, yes, need to get my hands on one of these beauties asap.

What are you wishing for this week?


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Can't Get Enough....

Annnnddd a silly little gif :)
hZGwOt on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I can't get enough of this color combo and twirly little skirt. I decided I needed to wear the skirt again while I still can get away with wearing tights, because unfortunately, it's a smidgen to short to wear without. Boooo.

So, how is everyone's weekend going?! Ours has been filled with warm weather and lots of sunshine. Yay! Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market where we picked up that beautiful bouquet for Tim's Mom for Mother's Day and that adorable little Lavender plant for our patio garden.Then we had lunch at the park, followed by meeting up with hubby's parents for a yummy dinner later on in the evening. Such a nice day it was!

Tonight we finally get to see one of our favorite bands in concert; Death Cab for Cutie. Can.Not.Wait! They are going to be backed by an Orchestra, so it should be extra amazing!!

Hope everyone has a great day and start to the week tomorrow!
Only 3 days of work for me this week, then headed off to SoCal to celebrate our 5th Anniversary in Disneyland...Eeeeep!!!


p.s. Happy Mother's Day Mom, I <3 you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

By the Sea

This past weekend my whole family threw a surprise 50th Birthday party for my mom (hence the hilarious photo of her with the old lady hat and walker) at a Beautiful cottage on the Washington Coast. It was so unbelievably fun with all my immediate family, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. I can't recall a time in my adult life when I have had this much fun with my entire family. It was amazing.

Also, the weather was crazy awesome. The beaches of Washington rarely look as amazing as this in the Spring.....and it was warm and not very windy at all. So. Nice.

The above images were all my favorite from the weekend and are pretty self explanatory so no need to bore you with explanations, except one:

That photo of me and my dad.....totally slept in those clothes the night before, have zero makeup on, and did not even attempt to do anything to my hair. That's definitely a first on the blog...and probably the last. My only excuse for this, is that being around all the family and cousins and basically having one big sleepover, made me feel like I was 10 again, so all adult grooming standards were left behind.

Hope all of you are having a good start to the week!
It was definitely hard for me to get back to reality's to tomorrow being Tuesday!