Monday, May 30, 2011

OMG Potato Salad.

So since it's memorial day, I thought it would be fitting to make a potato salad...or rather, I used memorial day as an excuse to try an amazing potato salad recipe I have been dying to make. If you like blue cheese and bacon you will love this. I generally never cook with meat, especially not bacon, so this was a nice treat for us.

Instead of a typical burger, I opted to pair the potato salad with a delish salmon filet that my uncle caught while he was in Alaska. Pepper+salt+lemon=simple but tasty.

Enough about the salmon, this post was about the potato salad!

Want to make this? Go here for the recipe: don't get your dress dirty
It is my soon-to-be sister in laws blog and along with this great recipe, she has a plethora of other droll worthy recipes.

Hope you make it and love it as much as we did :D

White dress+Black Belt.

I picked up this dress at H&M a few months ago and I love it so much I am surprised it hasn't made it onto my blog until now. I found it on clearance for only $10 and was pretty disappointed at first when I looked at the tag and it was a few sizes too big. My next thought was...nothing a little belt at the waist can't fix :D

The dress is also a little shorter then I feel comfortable with, without wearing I am hoping to find a pretty slip with lace detailing at the bottom that is a little longer then the dress itself, so that I can wear this puppy in the spring/summer months sans tights.

Hope you all are having a great memorial day weekend! So glad my weekend isn't over yet..yay for a monday off :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Leavenworth Anniversary Weekend :)

Over the weekend we celebrated our anniversary by staying in a cute little Inn, in the Bavarian inspired village of Leavenworth. We ate wayyyy to much delicious german fare and had a great time going in and out of all the fun and quirky shops filled with all sorts of tchotchkes. It was so nice to get away for the weekend, just us two :)

Our cozy little suite that had a Jacuzzi and fireplace <3

Literally the first time my legs had seen the light of day since last September haha

Teeeheeee :D

Pretzel tree!


Love my best friend..

Along the pretty Waterfront Park trail


Ohhh and in addition to all the little fun trinket filled shops, there were a few AMAZING boutiques that had soooo many great things! I found the perfect Maxi dress that I had been on the hunt for, so hopefully I will be putting up a post featuring that soon!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th :)

For the past seven years, May 19th has been a very special day for me and/or us. It is this date, seven years ago, when a cute mohawked boy I had geometry class with in high school asked me, "Will you be my girlfriend?". I shyly  replied, "sure"..with a smile.

Sweet little baby-faced 16 year old me and 17 year old the beginning.

.....Three years later (on May 19th) I married my best friend.....

Four years later  and I still feel like the luckiest little gal in the whole world! 

I got this beautiful arrangement delivered to me while at work today. ORCHIDS. My fav. Best. Husband. Ever.

Oh and no picture involving anything new in our home would be complete without the Schrutester getting his nose in it :)

Can't wait to spend the rest of my years with that Tim of mine :)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cannon Beach!!

This past weekend my mom and I spent a much awaited mini-vacation together down in the Oregon Coast town of Cannon Beach. We stayed in an amazing suite that was once apart of an ocean front house, but was recently converted into an Inn with 3 suites. It was so cute and charming! Also, it was such a great feeling to hear the ocean as I feel asleep.

Our weekend was filled with shopping at all the adorable local boutiques, eating yummy food and lots of laughs. I am so lucky to have such a great mom that I enjoy hanging out with :)

This suite was so comfy I wish I could live in it on a daily basis...

Pretty flower in front of the fireplace

Couldn't resist...full length mirror pic haha


The rain/fog coming in...

The next morning we awoke to this amazing breakfast delivered to our door.
Natural sausage,sun dried tomato,cheese and egg strata + coconut,lime and mango coffee cake + delish fruits + freshly squeezed ruby red grape fruit juice + french press = BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER.

Me at a random silly hat shop. LOL :p


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smile, it's sunny!

The sun is out today! Considering this has been such a rare event around these parts lately, I was cheesin' it up ever since those pesky little clouds parted earlier today and the first rays came through the windows at work. Low 60's isn't warm by any means, but hey...this girl takes what she can get.
It felt great to roll down the car windows, open the sun roof while on my commute home this evening and let the scent of fresh cut grass waft through the air.

Have a nice evening. Hope it is filled with Sun :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Redmond Saturday Market!

Last Saturday was the opening day of Redmond's Saturday Market and boy was I looking forward to it! It is the oldest and one of the biggest farmers markets on the Eastside. I had been especially excited and looking forward to it because of the special guests that were there..ALPACAS! If you know me at all, you know that I love and adore anything animal and those little dolls are no exception. I will admit, I was a little disappointed that the baby alpacas weren't there, like the website stated :/ But these guys made me more than happy.  I loved feeding them so much, I am sure I resembled a giddy 5 year old...

Waiting my turn to feed them, this little girl was toooo cute.

Trying to herd them over to eat carrots from me...

I will admit, I was a little nervous at first. I enjoy having all my fingers haha

Nervous for nothing! These little guys are super gentle and sweet.

This little gal was especially sweet...

Hahaha..look at those chompers!

Enjoyed listening to these tunes while drinking some locally roasted AMAZING organic sumatra french press. I am regretting not buy any beans from those guys..

The deliciousness that we purchased. So glad it is that time of year for all the markets. I am all for supporting local famers whenever possible. It was so nice purchasing these items directly from the people that grew them, rather than from a random old grocery store produce aisle.
Asparagus, baby red and baby yukon golds. YUM.

Looking forward to make the Saturday Market a weekly routine for us..and hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to pick up some of the wonderful natural soaps and essential oils that filled the air :)