Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th :)

For the past seven years, May 19th has been a very special day for me and/or us. It is this date, seven years ago, when a cute mohawked boy I had geometry class with in high school asked me, "Will you be my girlfriend?". I shyly  replied, "sure"..with a smile.

Sweet little baby-faced 16 year old me and 17 year old the beginning.

.....Three years later (on May 19th) I married my best friend.....

Four years later  and I still feel like the luckiest little gal in the whole world! 

I got this beautiful arrangement delivered to me while at work today. ORCHIDS. My fav. Best. Husband. Ever.

Oh and no picture involving anything new in our home would be complete without the Schrutester getting his nose in it :)

Can't wait to spend the rest of my years with that Tim of mine :)



  1. um I LOVE this post. what an amazing change! happy happy anniversary of relationship ;) seven years is amazing!


  2. Thanks :D I know, it is crazy to look back and see how much we have changed over the years!

    Have a great weekend :)