Monday, May 9, 2011

Redmond Saturday Market!

Last Saturday was the opening day of Redmond's Saturday Market and boy was I looking forward to it! It is the oldest and one of the biggest farmers markets on the Eastside. I had been especially excited and looking forward to it because of the special guests that were there..ALPACAS! If you know me at all, you know that I love and adore anything animal and those little dolls are no exception. I will admit, I was a little disappointed that the baby alpacas weren't there, like the website stated :/ But these guys made me more than happy.  I loved feeding them so much, I am sure I resembled a giddy 5 year old...

Waiting my turn to feed them, this little girl was toooo cute.

Trying to herd them over to eat carrots from me...

I will admit, I was a little nervous at first. I enjoy having all my fingers haha

Nervous for nothing! These little guys are super gentle and sweet.

This little gal was especially sweet...

Hahaha..look at those chompers!

Enjoyed listening to these tunes while drinking some locally roasted AMAZING organic sumatra french press. I am regretting not buy any beans from those guys..

The deliciousness that we purchased. So glad it is that time of year for all the markets. I am all for supporting local famers whenever possible. It was so nice purchasing these items directly from the people that grew them, rather than from a random old grocery store produce aisle.
Asparagus, baby red and baby yukon golds. YUM.

Looking forward to make the Saturday Market a weekly routine for us..and hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to pick up some of the wonderful natural soaps and essential oils that filled the air :)



  1. Lovely. I need to get to the farmer's market here...i just dislike waking up early enough to make it out. i love supporting local farmers. Downtown Madison smells like hippie fest every weekend from now to November, like somebody spilled some patchouli on the street or something.

  2. I feel you about getting up early, but luckily our market is open till' 3. score! I am totally down with being surrounded by dread lock wearing patchouli scented hippies...glad you enjoy it too.haha

  3. Oof those are cute critters! Your hair looks amazing in these by the way! (:

  4. Thanks :) It is my natural wave/curl that I am slowly trying to embrace...haha

  5. Beautiful photos and lovely blog!! COme to visit my blog too :)



  6. Thank you very much Rene, love your blog :)