Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strawberry Crepes and Carkeek Park.

For the past few weeks I have been wanting crepes reallllyyy bad, since it has literally been ages since I have enjoyed one. Sooo this morning I decided to make some for my man and I for breakfast! Surprisingly, Tim hasn't ever had them, so I made the classic strawberry crepe with whipped cream. Heaven.
I had everything on hand minus the whipped cream so I sent Tim to the store when I started on the batter. I haven't made them in forever, but they are sooo simple and easy I am definitely going to start experimenting with different fillings.

Despite how it may look towards the end of the crepe, it wasn't packed full of just whipped cream, but when I rolled it, it pooped out the end. haha They were filled with lots of strawberry deliciousness as well.

After our crepe filled breakfast, we decided to head to Carkeek Park to enjoy some time in the beautiful outdoors and wander through the woodsy trails. Our favorite thing to do on the weekends is definitely to be out in nature and go on hikes in the local parks.

Beach+Puget Sound+Trees=Beauty.

Water through the trees...

These little guys along the trail reminded me of creepy, crawly spider legs.

Can't I stay here forever?! Tooo pretty to leave..

Resting on a rock.

Talllllllll Trees. <3.

Crossing a little stream. Trying to balance. haha

Hope the weather is beautiful for you this weekend too, wherever you may be! If so, make sure you go out and enjoy it :)



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  2. Why thank you :) Following you!