Saturday, April 16, 2011

Islands and Cherry Blossoms.

Today Tim and I went to the Washington State Arboretum park in Seattle to check out the Cherry Blossoms that have bloomed along the Azelea Way trail. While working at my old job in the city, I used to drive through this park on a daily basis but never took the time to stop. I was always curious about what was beyond the trees on the sides on the road, so it was nice to finally have the opportunity to check it out!

After we arrived at the visitor center we were soon reminded of our horrible map reading skills and actually took the wrong trail at first. hahaha :p Much to our delight, we ended up on an amazingly beautiful path that took us to two different islands on the lake, near Husky stadium. Foster Island and Marsh Island. Yay for crappy map reading skills and being pleasantly surprised!

It was fun leaping over the sunken part while the waves lapped at your feet.

Mossy bench in the mud. Go ahead, take a seat...

Thanks, pollution! :/

Right after we saw this sign, we noticed this dude fishing. hahaha Hope he is only catching the 
"GOOD TO EAT!" fishies. 

Toooo close for comfort.


After we made our way back to the visitor center, we immediately saw the correct trail that we originally wanted to take. lol Cherry Blossoms galore! Oh, how I love Spring :)

YUM! Moss.

Happy to be amongst the blooms.

Hammin' it up. Always.

I <3 Washington.

Field of flowers.

Thought my dream catcher could use some Spring-ness :)

Hope I didn't bore you with my loads of photos. haha Have a good rest your weekend :D


  1. Reminds me of where we lived in Oly. Very pretty, and springy, what a great day for it. Hopefully this continues, if not we'll eat a groundhog.

  2. I loooove the arboretum! such a pretty place, my family and I played hide and seek there haha. gorgeous photos!


    PS there is a Seattle blogger meet up coming up, email me if you want to come! I would LOOVE to meet you!

  3. Thanks! Hide and seek would be AMAZING there. haha
    That would be sweet to meet you and all the other local bloggers :)
    I will be e-mailing you!