Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh, Baby!

For the past few months my mother and I had been busy bees, getting ready to host a baby shower for my brother and his wife! All the planning, gathering of ideas and items, resulted in our little vision coming true. It was a co-ed celebration, sans the cheesy games.

We had a wishing tree.....Wishes for Baby, which was super adorable. Everyone seemed to enjoy coming up with heartfelt and fun little bits for baby boy.
The theme was loosely based around the woodland feel of the shower invite.

As I was looking through all the photos, I realized that I had none of my sister-in-law and I together, as well as none of my brother and I together. Well, except for us playing badminton..but that doesn't count.I think that I got so caught up making sure everything was perfect before the guests arrived and I didn't even think about it during the shower. Lame. 

At least I got this photo of my mother and I together before everyone showed up :)
Mom and I spent a great amount of time making all of these delish cupcakes and lots of yummy sandwiches. My favs. were definitely the dark chocolate with peanut butter frosting cupcake and the mango chutney, cheddar and roast beef baguette sandwich. YUM. 
We had sweet treats throughout the house in cute little mason jars.
 The happy parents-to-be opening up their gifts.
For party favors, we went with fun little flowers and bunches of freshly picked lavender that guests could take home with them.
The grandmothers :)

I can't wait for the little guy to arrive and to be an auntie to my brother's child. Eeeeepp!
Congrats, Kam & Bren!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Floral Denim

Shorts-Free People
T-shirt, Sandals, Belt-Target

Remember back to this post when I mentioned the hubs bought me some pretties at Anthro & Free People? Well, these floral shorts are pretty, number uno. I had been trying to hunt down the perfect floral denim shorts to no avail, until I found these babes on sale, in my size, at Free People. Also, they just happen to be long enough for these legs of mine and thankfully, don't look like hot pants, which generally happens with shorts for me.

These photos were taken last weekend, before a fun filled night with a friend who was visiting from Texas. We went on Seattle's Great Wheel (photos to come!) and ate like fatkids at Beth's. It was great.  
Looking at these photos, I am beginning to realize that, "the golden hour",  is quickly becoming my favorite time to take photos, especially during the summer when it is still warm in the evenings. 
Do you have a favorite time of day to take photos?

Hope everyone is having a good day so far!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishful Wednesday

So, when I saw this dress today on Modcloth in their new arrivals section, I literally squealed. The reason for my squealing?! Well, obviously because this dress is so darn cute.....but also, I have this exact same print, color and collar, in blouse form! The collar of my blouse is actually a peter-pan, but it's basically the same. You can see it here.
Part of me thinks it would be overkill to have this in blouse AND dress form, but the ridiculous side of me thinks it would be fabulous. The ridiculous side wins, always.

What are you wishing for this week?!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Polka Dots & Daisies

Dress: Anthropologie
Belt: Target
Flats: Payless

I came across this amazing little bridge when the hubs and I were on a walk one evening. I instantly knew it would be a perfect location to go back to and take some photos, especially on a bright, warm summer day. The river below was filled with kayaks, the paths busy with bicyclists and people that were on long, summer strolls. 

Soooo about the dress. The moment I saw it, I had to have it. Seriously. It is so perfect in every way and there is no resisting the lovely, delicate, floral lace back. I love the retro fit, bright yellow color and fun print with the imperfect dots. This is the kind of dress that makes you feel happy from the moment you slip it on.
Do you have a certain piece that makes you feel that way too?

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, filled with fun and relaxation!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sugarlips Love

Dress: Sugarlips
Thrifted Lace Top: Banana Republic
Belt: UO
Wedges: Target

Recently I was contacted by Sugarlips with an exciting opportunity, to be apart of their blogger partnership program! Each of their pieces are not only amazingly adorable, but also super affordable.  After browsing their site, I instantly knew what item I would love to have and style, so you could image my joy upon opening the package and seeing this very dress! 

I am crazy about the subtle sweetheart neckline, adorable print, color and the perfectly ruched bodice. I decided to add some unconventional layering by wearing a lace top under the strapless dress. This is a look I have been dying to try, and I am so glad I did! I love how it turned out.

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! For us, Saturday was packed with family and some of our favorite friends. We went out with my brother and wife for the most delish brunch and then later in the day a few friends came over for a little shindig. Today we are catching up on a few things, relaxing and trying to enjoy this amazing weather we have been having in Seattle lately. Such a relief from all the rain!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black, White & Bows

Had to throw one in of the sweet hubs and I :)
Jeans & Cardi-Ross

Do you ever find yourself creating outfits in your mind around an article of clothing that you don't even own yet? You daydream of all the ways you would style said piece until you can no longer take the torture, so you go purchase it.
White jeans have been that item for me lately. Something about white jeans just screams summer to me. Of course, the first thing I chose to pair them with is so not summery and bright.....black. 
Meh, oh well.
At least I threw in some color with the pretty flowers, right?
 Also, I can't get enough of this adorable blouse covered with little white bows. So sweet and it has my favorite collar ever, peter pan! Can you see it in the photos?

Hope you all had the most lovely of weekends! Mine was mostly awesome and partially not.
The awesome: My parents came and stayed with us. Lots of yummy food, shopping and laughter.
The not: My car totally died along the side of the highway as we were going to do said activities. An hour wait alongside the highway, tow truck ride to the shop and hopping into my parents car later, we were back on the road and our fun day resumed.
Now, we wait in horror to see how much the repair will cost. Eeeiiik.