Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year....

Happy 2011 everyone! Hope you all had a great 2010 and will have an even better 2011 :)

This being my first post of the new year, I thought it would be fitting to reflect and recap the major events of 2010 that took place in my life...some with photos!

The first major change was that in January of 2010 we decided since our lease was up at our old apartment we would move into the downtown area off of Broadway, to be closer to my school and just to be in a more "hip" location. Then my husband landed a sweet job at AT&T in San Antonio, which made us some nice $$$$. More than we have ever had since being a married couple.We were then able to do actual stuff and buy actual this MacBook in which I am writing this very blog on, two nice road bikes and other random things we had been wanting/needing, but never had the extra cash for. It was great.

A few months later my husband found out that all his hard work had payed off in College at San Antonio and he was accepted into the college of his dreams back home in Washington. Redmond to be exact. We were more than excited and thrilled to be moving back home to the motherland!

A few months after that, I graduated from the Aveda Institute where I was attending their Esthiology program! I then had an actual set career path, which was great and it's something I actually enjoy. The week before graduating, my mom showed up in San Antonio for a surprise visit and to see me graduate. It was one of my happiest moments :)

Mom and I on the San Antonio River Walk :)

Less than a month after graduating and obtaining my license, I landed a job at a spa! I was saving all my tips for the road trip home, hoping to cover the gas, food and hotel. We ended up using every last cent.

August 2010 came quickly, which was our month to depart from good ol' San Antone and back to The Great Pacific Northwest. It was bittersweet. We changed, grew and learned so much while living there over the past 2 years and 8 months. I will always miss the tacos. haha
My parents flew down to help us pack up the u-haul and make the 4-day drive to Washington state.

On the road...
Couldn't resist In-N-Out while in California...3 times. haha
                             My dad and I...holding the very thing that kept us all sane for 4 days.
                                                                      Almost there...
                                                We made it! Outside our new apartment :D

The next week or two after we arrived I was doing job interviews left and right. Receiving 3 offers..I accepted the best one and had a job secured after only being in Seattle for 3 weeks. It was such a relief!
My husband, Tim, started school in September, on the same day I started at my new job. Since then our lives have gone by sooo fast. We have already been here for 4 full months and Tim is already done with his first semester of school!

Last night (New Years), we headed up to Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill, to catch a glimpse of the fireworks at the Space Needle. It was freezing and packed at the little park. I choose not to bring my tri-pod due to the fact I would have had no where to place it on the ground and for fear it would get knocked over...thus making for some blurry photos :/ Oh well...the show was great and we love Seattle :D

                                                        Our faces were frozzzzennnn...

Ohh and a few photos I didn't get a chance to post from last week, before Christmas..which was great btw! So nice to be back home for the holidays! 

Sooo last year we moved twice, once across town the other half way across country, Tim got accepted into his dream school, I graduated, we got sweet jobs and then quit sweet jobs, then I got a new job here and Tim started a brand new, uber demanding school. Lots of life changes...but we made it!

Heres to hoping this year is filled with less major life changes and some smooth sailing. I would love to not switch jobs a bunch this year and make a comfortable amount of money and for Tim just to keep owning at school. A chill 2011, please?! :)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!