Friday, April 8, 2011


Generally I like to keep my posts on my blog light, happy and simple. Usually they consist of photos, clothing or other things that are going on in my life, but today I just can't stop thinking about this whole possible government shut down and it is making me super annoyed.

Ignorant D.C. Republicans, please get over the Planned Parenthood issue. The abortion issue is getting old in general, but this is especially idiotic. Planned Parenthood is a women's HEALTH center. They provide  healthcare services to millions of women that would otherwise never be able to afford their annual exam, birth control method of choice or other family planning services. The GOP saying that they want to cut funding to a program that HELPS women to stay healthy and prevent serious health issues like..oh you know, ridiculous. I personally have been using Planned Parenthood as my women's health provider for the past 4 years, if it wasn't for them, there are times that I would have not been able to get the necessary exams to make sure I was healthy and there would have been no possible way for me to get birth control. I have health insurance now and I will still continue to use them. Women need Planned Parenthood and women's health services!

There, I said it...not anything revelational...I know. But I feel better now haha I just wish that the GOP would stop being so ignorant and actually care about social issues for once. The publics health is sooooo important! People over profit....ugh.

Oh and I was going to originally post this on Facebook but decided that was a horrible idea due to the political demographic that consists my friends list hahaha



  1. haha/ i appreciate your stance. it's mine as well...although, i can say that i've never used their services...just because of the abortion stigma, even though i know that they do so much more than just advocate for abortion. yes, silly republicans, so stuck on ignorance and an agenda that hurts more than it helps. <3

  2. Yay for likemindedness :) Honestly, when I first started using their services I felt guilty because it was when we first started going to Rise Above and everyone was SO anti-PP and they used to do those silent protest things, so I kept it a secret that I went there. Now I realize there is no need to keep it a secret, if they want to be ignorant enough to think that everyone who walks through those doors is getting an abortion, well God bless um' haha.

  3. Agreed. There are so many many issues that I could bring up for the positive that Planned Parenthood brings to this country. Its all in the name. PLANNED parenthood. I too used their so helpful services just like you, and have so many times recommended them to others. Good post lizzie.

    PS....screw facebook. Use your blog. Only the people who really care about you will read your blog, and only those people deserve to know what's going on with your amazing life. Thats where I'm at....join me sister!

  4. Indeed and thanks :)
    Andddd I think you are totally right about using the blog instead of FB.....I am joining ya :D

  5. word.

    fb is too convenient for me to leave it completely, altho, i have been updating the blizzog more often than i was awhile's certainly better for more complete thoughts.