Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adios Texas...

It has been snowing the past few days here, soooo today I got a snow day from work! Going up and down hills, across the bridge and up and down more hills to get into the city didn't seem appealing to me in the slightest.

Rubber tires+icy inclines=Fail.   No bueno.

Considering I had the day off and had some business to take care of at a few near by places, I took advantage of the free time. We finally switched over the plates on our cars to WA plates last feels nice to no longer be seen as an "outsider" while driving haha. So today we thought it would be fitting to switch over our licenses too! To become real Washington residents once again!

I took a photo of the photo on my license, for fear that they were going to take my Texas license away..which I wanted to keep as a souvenir of sorts. Lucky, they just clipped it. yay.
I will most definitely NOT miss people taking double and triple takes of me and my id, when trying to verify my age/identity. I look forward to having my new id actually look like me as I am now and have people actually be able to identify me, me. Without the crazy colored hair, big gnarly septum ring and having lost 40 lbs since...I think that may be possible once again.

With the last little bit of our "Texasness" that was lingering, now gone...I have nothing but fond memories towards that silly, enormous state.

'night "ya'll" :)

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  1. Hahaha.I switched mine over too.I got a little choked up when they took
    It, and wasn't smart enoughto take a pic. The funny thing was that I'd been licensed in tx for 16 years, but had done driving school in WI, so they had all my info, haha. Welcome home, Lizzie. ;)