Sunday, March 13, 2011

Curls Under Hat

So as many of you probably don't know, I have naturally curly/wavy hair but tend to do a good job ironing it into submission on a daily basis...yeah, yeah.. I know...bad for my hair. haha
I have been thinking about how much I need to stop flat ironing my hair everyday and just embrace my hair for what it is, which isn't easy at the current length it is. It looks far better curly when longer :/

Anyways, whenever my work (Aveda) releases a new product, we get it for free to try; Be Curly style prep this time. I have been wanting to try it, so I finally did today :) I like it, not heavy and helps control any frizz.

I liked my hat today with the curls peeking out from underneath. This UO sheer shirt made an appearance a few blogs ago upon purchasing it, but I love it so much that I don't really mind and thought it looked cute paired with some denim skinny jeans and a brown braided belt.

It was tooooo rainy today to take photos with my tripod outside and our apartment is too small for me to get any good photos using the tripod inside, so don't mind the "classic" mirror bathroom photos below hahaha

....and a close up from my MacBook...


  1. You have such beautiful curls. Never ever straighten it ever again. x hivennn

  2. Why thank you :)

    I am now following your blog btw :)