Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's go Camping!

Going back to work today was harder than usual. I had an amazing 4-day weekend, camping with my parents and the husband. Much needed time, indeed.

It had been about 5 years since my husband and I had been camping, which is pretty weird considering we both came from families that took regular camping trips each and every summer.
Camping just wasn't on our minds while living in Texas; the land of 100+ degree temps and constantly feeling like you are in a sauna. 

Soooo, our first camping trip being back in Washington was spent on the Hood Canal. Beautiful and oh-so-much fun...

A little creek running right by our campsite. So nice listening to it while falling asleep at night.

 My pop and I.

Mom and I.  I am the pale one...

One too many marshmallows were roasted for s'mores over these flames..yummm.

Boy and I out on the raft!

  Hahahaha :)

I really didn't want to come back to the real world. It was really nice being disconnected from  technology for a few days and living a simpler life. *sigh*

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Looks like you had a blast! I love camping!! We should do a girls' camping trip sometime :) I know Megpoop and I had fun a couple years back...

  2. Yeah, we did :) That would be sooooo much fun!!

  3. I miss camping! am a new follower here.. hope you can check out my blog and follow me too, I want to see more of your post


  4. wow i love ur photos..
    they are soo real and very refreshing too..
    i love your lovely curl hair..i wish if i have such curls..
    follow me beautiful lady?

  5. thanks a lot for following and commenting in my blog...
    i have to write here again just to make u know again that , you have the finest adorable hair.
    i seriously wish if i have such hair...
    Never Iron ur hair..its beautiful in that Natural way///
    again love ur hair..!

  6. aaaa it looks exciting! have fun sweety ;)

  7. Oh I so love camping, that looks like a world of fun you had :). I know what you mean about not wanting to leave, I always feel that way when I have to go back home. And as everyone is saying, you have such pretty hair!

  8. eep! I love to camp. this looks like such a fun time!