Saturday, August 27, 2011

Layering with Lace

I have quite a few dresses that are just a tad toooo short to wear without tights. So in the spring/summer months they are sort of pushed to the back and out of commission for those seasons, which is kind of unfortunate. 

Soooo, awhile ago I got the idea to find a pretty lace-trimmed slip and wear it under the aforementioned dresses, to add just a few extra inches so that I would feel comfy about wearing them sans tights in this warm summer weather.

It was surprisingly difficult to find a slip that was long enough and that actually had a thick lace trim at the bottom, but after a few months of searching...I came across this one at Ross, of all places.

This is the first dress I tried the lace slip layered underneath and I really like how it turned out :)

And as you can tell from this dress and this one, I am pretty much a huge sucker for a dress with a pretty back...
Dress-Target, Feather Necklace-F21, Black Lace Trimmed Slip-Ross, Sandals-Payless

Can't wait to try this out with a few more dresses!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend


  1. that looks super cool! It gives it a bit of a rocker vibe, I think.

    xxx irinja (

  2. That looks so cute! Great idea (:

  3. first time reader!
    (got your link off my friend blog)
    i love this outfit, totally adorable!