Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Weekend

So I haven't blogged in well over a month. I have been fairly busy with work, classes for work, going out of town on the weekends or family coming up to visit on the weekends. This weekend was especially great and eventful. It was my 23rd birthday on Friday the 5th so we celebrated it this weekend. My husband and I have "birthday weekends", as we like to call them and celebrate our birthdays on the weekend closest to the actual day.

My parents came up on Saturday evening after I got off work and took me out to dinner which was delicious and fun. Then on Sunday my husband and I went into the city for a Top Pot doughnut and coffee date, as well as taking a nice stroll through downtown while crunching on pretty fall leaves that made their way to the ground and breathing in the crisp autumn air that we love so much.

Me after consuming a delish chocolate bavarian cream filled doughnut and a mocha laden with whip cream. That is a smirk of pure satisfaction.

With Birthdays, come gifts. My all time favorite is good ol' cash...which I did receive :) Today I went to the U-disrtict and hit up a few 2nd hand/consignment shops and found 2 dresses for only 21 dollars. I am a firm believer in never paying full price. I also don't mind wearing gently used clothing at all. I would have found more deals but I had to race the parking meters clock while scouring through the endless clothing I had to rush :/ Also, my husband got me a gift I had been wanting for a very long time, but never thought to buy when I had the extra dough. Tripod for my camera! Can. not. wait. to. use...

Along our stroll through downtown. Westlake Center.

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