Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sounds in the City

On Saturday one of my favorite bands, Iron and Wine, played a show in Seattle at the Paramount and I was lucky enough to get to see them! My lovely husband bought the tickets for us pretty much the second they went on sale, to ensure that I would be able to enjoy their amazing sound live.

Before the concert, we hung around downtown, going to various touristy spots that we rarely go to on a regular basis. When we go into the city, we usually stick with parks and the neighborhoods, so it was fun to be in the fast paced, heart of downtown for a change.

Here's some photos I took before the show :)

After we parked and walked a few blocks, we realized we were pretty hungry, so yummy Chinese it was! Honey chicken over brown rice...mmmmm.
Pike Place.
The infamous gum wall!
The wall opposite the gum wall, is plastered with posters, graffiti, and random words/sayings. I found this one to be particularly interesting.
While in the alley, I couldn't help but to snap a few outfits photos. Please excuse the odd uphill angle and my feet doing awkward things...
Favorite new accessories.
Flowers made of steel 
On the Pier

My new brown brogues! Finally! It only took me like 2 years to find a perfect pair in my size that weren't astronomically priced. haha
Seattle Center

We were all walked out, so we decided to take the monorail to get back near The Paramount. It was Tim's first time on the monorail...which was a surprise to me lol
Right before the show...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos inside of the concert :/ I didn't want to lug my big ol' camera around and on their website it said no cameras or recording devices, but sure enough, when we got inside and the show started, I noticed people using all sorts of little cameras! Boooooo. Oh well, great memories nonetheless!

(Outfit Details:)
Floral dress on clearance at Target for only $10! Belt & Shoes-Target too haha. Turquoise stone ring-Gift from Mom. Bracelet-AE.

Dont' want the weekend to endddd!!



  1. These are all so pretty. Your waist is amazing. x hivenn

  2. you look BEAUTIFUL here!
    I have yet to brave oxfords..but florals seem to be a good choice to pair them with. Hope I can pull them off!
    & you look like you had a great outing. EW to the gum but YUM to the chicken!

  3. Your shoes are so cute, congrats on finding the perfect pair :) It's so hard to do.

  4. Oh, you've made me miss my hometown! You look like you had fun, and you looked cute while doing it. That's two points for you!

  5. woww that chewing gum wall is huge :O