Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Never Wanna Grow Up

I have been dying to have a piece of clothing with a peter pan collar foreverrrr.
So, the moment I saw this top a few weeks ago, I fell in love and had to have it.

 Whenever I see or think of a peter pan collar, I inevitably think of the Disney movie, Peter Pan, that I loved so much when I was a child....hence the title of this post... 

Top: Fred Meyer of all places! (Yeah, crazy I know! haha)
Skinnies: Target
Cameo Necklace:Gift from Mom

Isn't this fall scenery amazing?! While on our never ending search for colorful fall foliage, we stumbled upon this gem literally a BLOCK from our apartment....a block! We had been driving around all this time searching for places like this and it was so close all along...*sigh*.

Anyway, I love this top so much. It is so pretty, delicate and perfect and I can't wait to pair it with something else other than pants. As I have said many times on here before, I am not much of a pants wearer and I much prefer dresses/skirts. 

Well, I so desperately wanted to wear this top and really didn't have anything else to pair it with other than these black skinnies, so I just went for it. It works, but I can't wait till I get some Birthday $$$ in a few weeks to find something else for it, along with other wish list items :)

-Random Story/Tidbit-

Yesterday, I was doing our weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods.
While meandering around the vast and beautifully displayed produce section, oohing and awing at all the various fruits and veggies, I stumbled upon a woman with neither pants nor a bra on.
It was awkward and uncomfortable but I couldn't look away.
It killed the feel good vibe I had going on, and throughout the entire time I was shopping, I couldn't get the image out of my mind.
I kept thinking to myself, "Maybe she had shorts on under that long, purple t-shirt?"
But then came to the conclusion that those shorts would have had to been pretty short and then whats the point of wearing any at all once people already assume you have none on?

hahahah :) Hope that entertained you for a bit....



  1. Such gorgeous pictures! Love you top with peter pan collar! Love your shoes and your necklace! Your hair looks great! And aw all the leaves are just so unbelievably beautiful. I haven't seen fall or winter for 4 years now. I'm jealous, lol)

  2. The background is sooo pretty!
    Oh my.. I am so jealous!
    And you look gorgeous as well :) I really like your blouse!


  3. great pictures, you look so cute :) That shirt is such a dream!

    xxx ninja (

  4. oh wow, how sweet... Im in love with the top!

  5. you look great and also great shoot!

    please visit also my blog and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen

  6. So...I basically want your entire outfit, hair, and to be in that location. It's so beautiful, these pictures are so awesome! I love fall and pretty leaves. You look so cute with the Peter-Pan collar!

  7. 1. i love that top! 2. i love the scenery (how lucky that it's so close!) 3. what?????? no pants or bra? wow. (weird, yet hilarious that you couldn't look away!)

  8. Pretty photos! Love the top and collar! People should always wear pants in public! lol!

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  9. you are so gorgeous! i love your outfit!

  10. i've never experienced autumn before. :) looking at your pictures with all the brightly coloured leave makes me happy!