Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the Tracks

Firstly, the wonderful  and oh-so-sweet Courtney of I CAN BE MANY THINGS, asked me to do a little guest post for her! Click here and find out what makes me smile... :)
Also, while you are there, check out Courtney's many other great posts. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I am so happy she asked me to guest post.

Secondly, I got an early Birthday present from my sweet husband. Boots! 
I have been wanting a pair of tall, brown boots with some sort of buckle detail on them for awhile now, so when I found these babies on sale, we had to snatch um up!

Dress & Tights-H&M

I decided to pair them with this dress not only because I have been wanting to remix it, but also because I loved the mix of pretty/feminine with the edginess of the buckle and zipper on the boot. 

Little about me:
I really like railroad tracks. During summer time when I was a kid, my cousins and I would walk down to a little burger joint that served the best ice cream cones. We would get our ice cream, walk along the railroad tracks and then plop down, eat our ice cream and skip rocks on the river that the tracks went around.

So since railroad tracks have always been a little nostalgic for me, I was more than happy to find these old, unused tracks just a few blocks from our place. It was such a perfect fall day, yesterday, when we took these photos... I get a happy feelin' just lookin at those tracks..

Time to give credit where credit is due.
I get so many lovely comments about the photography on here! Thanks :)
But, none of these images where I am in the photo, would be possible without the awesome, patient help of my husband. He is so sweet for following me around and listening to my crazy photo demands.
Soo..if I am not in the photo, then I took it....if I am....thanks to Tim!


Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Love your new boots! And I'm itching for a pair of mustard tights. I really have no excuse for not having gotten some yet...

  2. Wow, I love this outfit! True colors of autumn! The dress is perfect, the mustard colored tights are so chic, love the boots and leg warmers! Super cute!

  3. Love the look and the tights! :D

  4. yea boots! I just finally found a pair too, and I think my husband is even more happy than I am, because he doesn't have to go with me into EVERY store to look at boots now :) I LOVE those yellow tights too. That's next on my list, lots of colored tights :)

  5. I am in <3 with the entire outfit! Holy gorgeous boots, and I can't get over the mustard tights ;)


  6. i love your dress and tights, and what a gorgeous location!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. I love everything about this look! Definitely something I could see myself wearing. I mean yellow, cream, lace details and boots? Yes please!

    Your husband is so sweet for taking your pictures, I take my own pictures and it can definitely be such a challenge!!

    Hope you have a great week!

    Virginie ♥

  8. Great look! love the boots and tights the most!

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    If you like it, we can follow each other!

  9. your boots are amazing... so jealous!

  10. Great outfit!! You have a great blog! the pictures are amazing!

  11. You and your husband are great photographers :), I love railroad tracks too, they remind me of when I was younger as well.

    And btw I love your outfit, it's simple and cute!

  12. Great boots! I love the mustard tights too. The whole look is put together so nicely. I agree with the others: amazing photos!

  13. What a cool story! I don't have any cool stories, but I have always been mesmerized with railroad tracks. But every time I go to take my OOTD photos by them, something happens that derails me (really it does, that wasn't just an excuse to use a bad pun).

    I love your boots! What a sweet early birthday present. My oldest son's bday is in one week, when's yours?

    I love your yellow tights too!

  14. I am so jealous of your gorgeous dress and boots! This outfit looks great. I love all the layers!

  15. this looks so very pretty, lizzie!

    and i think i've found a new blog to read <3


  16. You look so pretty! This whole outfit is gorgeous, I styled the same colour tights for ebew also!
    Now your latest follower of your lovely lovely blog :)

  17. eeps, I'm a bit behind on my comments!! Thank you so much for yours & yay, I love this photo-shoot it's so pretty & you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit. I'm loving the tights, boots, dress -ah, perfection!! Happy Friday, girly. xo V

  18. Really gorgeous photos. I have the same boots. Love them!!! your hubby has good taste. :-)

  19. Great photos! btw, love the boots and the whole outfit. Creative and stylish.

    Cathy@logo digitizing