Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Night at the Beach

Have you ever been to a beach at night time? It is pretty spectacular.
Especially if the beach is across the water from a cool skyline that has amazing looking clouds hovering above it.

Tim and I were feelin' young, antsy and wanted to get out of the house last Saturday night. At about 9:30 we came to the spontaneous conclusion that we would go to a beach; Alki Beach in Seattle.
I brought my camera and tripod with hopes of getting some good photos. I really like the way these turned out, hope you enjoy them too....

The first photo is definitely my favorite.
In the 2nd photo, the moving object towards the left is a Ferry. I loved how it looked while in motion...

The entire time we were hanging out and taking these photos, we could hear the sea lions talking to each other and the clanging of the bells on the boats as they went by. 
Such a nice experience.



  1. such breathtaking pictures!! and, I really love your blog layout!! must be the cutest I have ever seen so far..

  2. one of the best view points in the city! and i had no idea you could hear sea lions there.

    cheers to getting out and about on a saturday night. :)


  3. beautiful pictures


  4. I love love love nighttime pictures! These are amazing!

    I've been taking strolls by the river with my husband at night and the atmosphere is so much different than in the day, it's very cool!

    Virginie ♥