Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dream & Bliss: Part 1

Recently I was contacted with an offer to partner up with two local, Seattle based boutiques, Bliss and Dream. The two sister shops are conveniently located right across from each other in Fremont and are filled with on trend and affordable clothing and accessories. Not to mention, super sweet and fun staff, whom I got the pleasure of spending a few hours with this past Saturday afternoon.

It was honestly so hard to pick just a few looks, which explains why I walked out with 4 different outfits. 

Look #1:
Flats: Steve Madden

I have been really lovin' bright skinny jeans lately, so when I saw these, I instantly was drawn to them.
Also, I couldn't get enough of this bright floral top! I love how relaxed and chill this look is and totally different from most things in my closet, it was so much fun to switch it up a bit.

Look #2:

I was drawn to this bright blue, adorable Hi-Lo dress because of the great color, cute back cut-out detail and of course that simple fact that is is a Hi-Lo dress, which is all the rage right now.
I paired it with the fabulous big chunky ring, threw on a necklace and strappy sandals and called it good. Such an easy breezy early summer look.

*Be on the look out for Part 2, featuring my two other looks!
In the meantime, check out their website Finch & Sparrow and enter the discount code Lizzie12  to receive 15% off online orders.  This discount code is also valid for in-store purchases, so if you are in the area, I highly suggest checking these two wonderful boutiques out! Valid until 7/11/12!*



  1. love love love the red pants and floral top!! and I love the vibrant blue dress.

    p.s. I actually know which boutiques you are referring to because I think I went in both when I was in Fremont during my Seattle trip. Both a super cute places...congrats on the collaboration!

    The Caffeinated Closet

  2. What a great opportunity! Congrats! I love both looks--they are both just lovely on you! The dress is fantastic! I love the color, the hem and the back. I also love your floral blouse and those great red skinnies! Well done ma'am!

  3. you are looking so lovely. great pieces and what a fun opportunity! you should be really proud of yourself! i love it when bloggers get opportunities like this. i know that sponsorships are a touchy issue in the blog world, but bloggers take their time and blog with their hearts for free, so if a blogger can get a little something in return, i think it is great.

    xx rae

  4. That blue color is quite stunning. (:

  5. So cool! I absolutely love the floral blouse, its so gorgeous and I love how you paired it with red pants! So cool :)

  6. Love that bright blue dress! The detailing on the back is beautiful.

  7. Great outfits ! Love the floral shirt ! You look beautiful !

  8. nice dress and a ring)love this style...
    I follow you, hope you follow back)

  9. Hey, thanks for the comment! It's always great to meet other Seattle bloggers :)
    I love the first look, especially the red jeans. Wish I could pull off colored denim!

  10. that first floral top is gorgeous! I've only been slightly obsessed with florals this season!
    that so exciting about the boutiques! congrats :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  11. Love the outfits! Now following.

  12. That would have been such a fun afternoon! I love these first two looks that you picked.
    I'm especially in love with those red pants! So great.

  13. love the red pant and floral combination..


  14. nice outfits and congratulations on your partnerships:)

  15. Love all the color! The red...the blue...gorgeous!

  16. Wow, looks so perfect on you!! <3 I was just telling my boyfriend yesterday how I was starting to feel so lonely here in Seattle and then I finally met you!! <3 You picked the lovely pieces darling. I hope to see you again!!!

  17. Really loving look one! Red jeans are so hot :)
    xo Jac

  18. I love the first look and the ring from the second look!

  19. fun! love look one. red is definitely a good color for you. :)

    xo alicia

  20. Lovely dress.
    Thank you for visiting my blog,I am your new follower,hope you to follow me back.:)

  21. Great Style ;P
    ( ^^