Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Some things I am thankful for, always:

-My amazing and oh-so-cute husband.
-My loving family
-Our teeny tiny apartment & our not so teeny cat
-Living in Washington state <3
-Yummy food
-My always dependable camera
-All animals 
-Being able to enjoy each and every day on this amazing and glorious planet
-The ability to be myself
-Clothes....duhhh :)
-A billion other things that aren't coming to my mind but make my daily life that much better

-AND all of  you who view my silly posts and leave me such sweet comments every day. I am thankful for your support, kindness and the connections I have made through this wee little blog of mine.
Thanks. You make this bloggin' journey of mine that much guys rock.

Hope you all take a little time to dwell on the things you are thankful for, not just today...but everyday :)

Enjoy your day and eat lots!


  1. those are great things to be thankful for!!! happy thanksgiving. :)


  2. Such great things to have and be thankful for! Great post, hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Thank you also for your support! <3
    xo Jac