Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

I would be happy with any one (or two) of these........

Left to right-Top to bottom:

If you have noticed, purses aren't really my thing. BUT lately, I have been scoping out bags that I wouldn't mind having.....

I think I have one post where I am wearing a purse. I have a grand total of three purses. The one crossbody that I use daily(see above link), a tote that was woven out of recycled fabrics that I used to use daily, before I got aforementioned crossbody; it has now turned into an overnight bag for all my toiletries. Lastly, a foldover purse that I got from H&M a few years ago that I still like and would probably use, but it has been sucked into the abyss that is our hallway closet...I obviously don't like it enough to spend my time scouring through boxes to find it though.
Maybe my trusty ol' Target crossbody will be getting the boot soon? Or at least be sitting on the side lines to be put in rotation so I can have a little more variety from time to time....

Only two more days til' the weekend!


  1. Lizzie, first of all... your post that you linked back to your guest post. Can you be more sweet? I think not! You are such a doll. Thank you so much for your kind words--they mean the world to me! I love blogging, mainly because of the great people I've "met" along the way *cough*here's looking at you. SECONDLY--oh my GOD, what a GORGEOUS outfit. I love your boots. I love your tights. I love your entire outfit. And your photography is, once again and unsurprisingly, amazing. Love the tracks. So beautiful.

    As for this post... I stuff all of my things in a diaper bag. *shame*
    I've collected a few purses on my trip, but lately, it seems like such a hassle to carry around two bags! I do wear them occasionally on a date night...but otherwise, I never carry a purse either!

    I Can Be Many Things

  2. That's so weird! Honestly, I've not been into purses at all for the past year, and have just been keeping it to a minimum and carrying my filofax. HOWEVER!!! I've been coming on and off preoccupied with bags this season, so I might have to get one! Really loving that black one on top. I like the brown one with the white, doily, crochet bit on top, too... very cute. TGIF (Tomorrow!) woot woot!

  3. woohooo'
    hard choice btw if I should choose
    but the most is the green one I think
    have a nice day :)

  4. Oh, I love love love the green one- so very adorable!

    star-crossed smile

  5. love all these bags!


  6. ALL bags looks like screaming "BUY ME"
    not fair.. LOL


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  8. I wouldn't mind all of them! You have supreme taste in bags ;) I especially adore the third one (with the aztec-y print!).

    xxx ninja (

  9. ahh I love the Pendleton!

    April Lyn