Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

This week I am wishing for everything and anything having to do with deer. 
I have mentioned many times how I love anything animal, and these are no exception....

Maybe it's the upcoming holiday season, but I can't get enough of these guys and how cute would it be to decorate with those little adorable figurines?!

I am kicking myself in the booty for not getting a sweater at F21 a few weeks ago that I was eyeing and contemplating. It was gray and had a black deer on it, similar to the green sweater, but on a smaller scale.
Now I can't find it anywhere online...booo me.

What are you wishing for this week?



  1. I've been obsessed with deer sweaters for years now!! I finally got one from H&M)

  2. very cute post!

    Happy Thanksgiving eve!

  3. hmmm...I think our posts are sisters. I love my little deer figurines. We need to get you some!

  4. I love deer sweaters :) I hope I'll buy one soon! <3


  5. I'm lusting after too many things to count! Mostly booties tho...even tho is was 82 degrees today...
    xo Jac

  6. I love all things deer to and wore my first deer sweater of the season this week (as seen on Twitter!).

    Virginie ♥

  7. So adorable, would love one of those sweaters for the holidays!!

  8. Just discovered your blog! The title is the best one I've come across yet. =) Check my blog out if you get a chance.